Thursday, August 28, 2014



  1. Gary, wasn’t this week’s metal rally expected after last week?…and the newest crises that comes back in the news every so many days—Ukraine crises—it’s back again… amazing.

    How can investors jump onto this rally when these short lived cycles have a pattern of turning down shortly after they get started?

    Yes, September is coming…but can’t a “trade able” real cycle low still come in 1 to 3 months yet?

    I understand this section is free info so any comments given here is most appreciative.

    I’m interested in trying out your Smart Money Tracker…Will your premium charts get me in & out of these cycles fast enough?



  2. Looking at that TSI indicator on your chart of gold I would guess gold rises until the TSI reaches about +20 where it meets up with the TSI downtrend line. A clean break above +20 and gold could well be off to the races.

  3. Shem
    This would just be a short term trade with the expectation that gold would be turned down again at the manipulation zone. However if gold were to get through 1320 it could turn into a longer term hold.

    Yes I do cover this in the premium newsletter.

  4. If you want to day trade then gary is the man but investing forget it..his opinion changes from day to day. Manipulation is a sad excuse in my really means that themarket has outsmarted you.

    1. Thank you for your concerns…opinions are important and so are changing them.

      But after years of watching many and seeing their performance, I think I’m gonna “roll the dice” with Gary before this weekend is over and join the Premium Newsletter Subscription.

      That’s my plan…be happy to post “when I’m in”…probably Sunday when I have more time to read.

      A little history that has taken me to this road:

      Around 2010, I began reading & listening to as many “financial advisors” as I had time for…just what they all gave out for free; I actually began in the spring of 2008 but got more serious in 2010. There are only a few left that I will even listen to anymore.

      With all the volatility since 2008, most “joker” advisers have had their hand writings exposed onto-the-wall. Little “guys” sure can expose “jokers” in a big way. Yippee

      Gary is one of the five I have respect for since the years I have been tracking. I think it is impossible not to change opinions on markets unless you are a “true insider.” I doubt we would ever hear “true insider” info unless it was “twisted” to the point of being “un-trade-able” or unusable in anyway what-so-ever. Maybe it has something to do with “everything being connected” as Armstrong says.

      A recent example I remember, sometime around November going into December Gary was “working” the charts to find the bottom in metal commodity stocks. It made my head spin watching the live prices swing back and forth so many times over this period wondering how this would all play out.

      Well, Gary might have changed opinions on when to get in over the weeks but his fundamentals stayed the same…he knew a” trade-able” CYCLE low was near.

      “1030” was the number…but time ran out and Gary “slammed” that cycle low!!!

      And so, from what I have seen on the “free info section” plus the radio interviews, Gary is getting his subscribers into trades near cycle lows and getting them out before the topping process is over.

  5. Lol nice try but we are up very nicely this year and if stocks do what I think they will do we should have a 40-50% year.

  6. If one has the time to trade in and out as frequently as gary does then his service is good. I prefer a longer term focus.


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