Thursday, August 11, 2011


"This looks more like wishfull thinking rather than divergence.
As one can clearly see in the first two examples, there are two CMF tops or highs on which divergence was based."

"There is no divergence whatsoever.
Falling money flows mean one thing, divergence is something else."


Or how about this buffoon.

"Oh by the way you are dead wrong on your know nothing about financial best you are a good plagiarizer of others material and a you attacked my comments for no reason...there is a good reason why you are always offering your worthless analysis at 99.9% off the regular price.."


"there is no basis for your comment on this being a SECULAR BEAR some ORIGINAL data....your comments are based on being a follower of others claims"
from an ELLIOT WAVE perspective we are about the see a Wave 3 and it will catch most totally off guard"


This is just a small sampling of the nonsense I had to put up with since May. As we all know now, I was 100% correct on all of my calls. Anyone who listened to me completely sidestepped the first leg down of the new cyclical bear market.

Anyone who listened to the clowns got their teeth kicked in.


  1. Don't worry Toby. Difficult calls are always met with derision.

  2. You gotta be joking, right?
    You were 100% right?
    Wow, it takes a really preposterous and cocky person to say this.

    If you were 100% right, you would be considered God and you wouldn't be seen pushing 10$ per month subscriptions on this site.

    And yes, there was no divergence back then, but how would you know when you don't understand what divergence is.
    About 5 different people told you that was no divergence and yet you are still talking about divergence.

    Also, to use this blog to call people names and pick fights mean only one thing.
    It means that you wrong and frustrated, you are losing money and you can't handle it.

    Usually,people who make money or not losing any are very relaxed.

    Your cycles don't mean a squat any longer and you know it.
    And i guess it scares you, and that is precisely why you are on defensive.

    Relax man, everybody is wrong most of the time.
    You are too, make no mistake about that.
    You just have to liberate yourself and admit it.

    I think you have great knowledge of markets,and i like your perspective but come one, get off of your high ground

  3. Oh, and just to mention that i have never disputed your call on coming stock market losses, i was only saying that it wouldn't be because of "divergence".

  4. I said the divergence was a warning that it was coming, not the reason. You have disputed almost everything I've posted on a continual basis. I suppose because your intent isn't to learn or contribute but to aggravate.

    Nevertheless every single call I've made has been exactly right. Granted I don't get the timing perfect down to the second but then I've never claimed to be a day trader.

    I just try to catch intermediate trends. I don't need to time perfect entries or exits, I just try to get "close enough".

  5. Listen folks. I have followed him with my own money, and I can easily say that the man's calls are impeccable. If you don't believe me, you could look at my S-series Benz that he practically bought me...

    Toby, you should go private. I can't bear to witness this mindless drivel. People claim what reality is when they don't even practice what you suggest...

  6. Gary,
    I've read every post on both forums....and in MHO on any other forum that I've been on this type BS behavior is not tolerated, zero, zilch, nadda'.....

    Basicly' as Moderator.....It's your call to banish the headaches from those few or else stand to loose members witnessing this disrespectful posting by those not serious about business. If you're so wrong why even be here ?

  7. Really... ERI... If u think our man is BS then why the hell do u keep coming back to read what he says?

  8. I didn't say Toby was what you said.
    You've said that.

    I only don't like when somebody calls me names just because i don't agree with them.

    If you read older posts, you will see that i don't really dispute what Toby says, it was only this divergence thingie that i responded to.

    Usually it's just opinions voiced on some matters, that's all.

    No big deal, so i don't see why all the fuss

  9. Either you love "Toby" (which I do ) or you don't. If you do and are ready to make some serious money, then stop being so cheap and become a subscriber. If you don't, then I suggest you get lost and stop wasting our time as you try to collect some free advice.

  10. No, i don't "love" Toby, so i will get lost and let you guys love each other and enjoy some real manly love

  11. Gary,
    back in February with S&P500 trading 1320 and above I told you to consider to exit the stock market. You have been saying it since October 2010. If you forgot, I am more then willing to search for you the older articles in October and December 2010.
    To claim to be 100% is the assumption of being god like. Are you a god like trader ?
    May I remind you when you saw a top in Gold or you can remember by yourself. Just because you got hammered with your Silver margin your fear of experiencing the same with Gold has scared you away. Where is the $20 in Silver you predicted ?

  12. Nope I started saying exit the stock market in April. I've been saying we were in a secular bear market all along but I never said to exit until March & April.

    Here is what I wrote in the comments section last night.

    "In my opinion the HUI should be over 800 by now. Miners haven’t really participated in the last 400 point move. They are starting to show topping signals like bouncing back and forth above and below the 200 DMA. The 200 DMA is starting to flatten out and is at risk of turning down if the HUI makes another dip below the 200. There is now a clear pattern of lower lows and lower highs in place.

    Silver is a broken parabola that couldn’t even rally enough to form a double top despite gold rallying 400 points.

    Like I said there are serious warning signs flashing and I refuse to ignore them. And this doesn’t even include the extreme stretch above the mean or the extreme sentiment levels."


    "The whole problem is that miners are not following gold and neither is silver. If it wasn’t for that divergence then I would be fully in the “going to the moon” camp.

    I already showed everyone what happened when the energy stocks diverged. Does everyone think that mining stocks are somehow different than energy stocks.

    I’m trying to see the big picture here and not get sidetracked by the mindless bullishness, which has infected a great many people.

    There are serious warning signs and the vast majority of people are finding excuses to ignore them. We are going to see the same thing at the final bubble top. If you refuse to see them now you will certainly miss them at the top of the bubble and you will get caught when it pops."

    Now if the warning signs get corrected I will be happy to jump back on the gold train but I'm not going to get my subscribers caught in a severe D-wave correction because I chose to ignore the warning signs.

    Unlike the scam artists at GATA I take responsibility for my calls. I'm not going to maintain a mindless bullish position and then blame it on an evil cartel when my call doesn't work out and everyone gets caught in a 500 point correction.

  13. Gary,
    generally I agree with you on Gold that we are due for a correction. May I remind you that 1 June when Gold was trading 1500 you advised getting out.
    When Silver was near the end of the parabolic spike you saw 70 plus in Silver or is that wrong? You need to make yourself more heard as many of your prior calls always sounded like a top. Remember October 2010 and December 2010.

  14. Gary,
    this article showing charts dated December 2010. If the charts are correct, didn't you see a decline already ?

  15. One terrible call after another. He wrote on how we were all going to panic out of our silver positions. In the end gary was the one who was full of panic . He can't stand that he was wrong to panic and now with silver at $40 still says it will go to 20. He has been saying this from the climb back from $31. Now he says he is 100% right. What about the three months you called a top? Your cycles dont work you sold your gold positions panicing . Face it your letter is a joke and you are a clown .

  16. I never got my teeth kicked in still hold my silver and still hold my gold. You are an irrational bully must be the Roids.

  17. Mr. doubt,
    Look at the last chart in the safe haven article and tell me if I was right or wrong.

  18. unknown,
    I dare you to go to the SMT blog and spread your nonsense. Subscribers there will set you straight real quick.

    Many people there are up over 100% this past year alone.

    Sure the ones that came late to a trade are down. But then that is always going to be the case. If you can't make yourself buy the bottom or sell the top then you by definition are probably going to lose money.

  19. there is actually a sensible rationale for the market turning around ...

    believe it or not, europe is worse off than we are (why did they possibly imagine that germans and greeks could live with the same fiscal discipline!!) and is gonna choke first. money will flow this way. people will hate european bonds. this could have the makings of a pretty good bear rally in the US.

    (but don't worry; we will follow them down the flusher later.)


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