Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Often when we see small moves in the McClellan oscillator it proceeds a large volatile move in stocks. Kind of like a spring compressing.

Since it is now very late in the daily cycle and sentiment has reached exceptionally bearish levels (especially in the Nasdaq) the assumption is that any day now the market is going to rocket higher out of the three week bull flag.

My guess is we will get some news out of Europe that they have successfully kicked the can down the road for a few more months and the market will take off.


  1. Gary, Can you explain why different expression on the stock market movement from your last post. Do you mean now the stock will go higher again for few more months? I am a little confuse. I sold all my shares after your last comment. Thanks!

  2. Thomas,
    If you are a subscriber then you know this is only a short term trade based on a daily cycle bottoming. If you are willing to trade then even in bear markets there are times to go long.

    For the general population with 401K accounts that aren't interested in trying to time entries and exits you need to be out of stocks waiting for the next 4 year cycle low before you buy back.

    It's getting too late in the 4 year cycle to continue holding long term positions in the stock market.

    The little bit of upside isn't worth it if one gets caught in the next secular bear market.


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