Wednesday, April 20, 2011


For many months now I've been warning we were going to have a dollar crisis and that dollar crisis would drive the final leg up in gold's ongoing two year C-wave advance. We are now on the verge of the panic selling stage of this three year cycle.

On Monday the dollar briefly rallied on the S&P downgrade of US debt (who knew?). That had the potential to mark the bottom of the current dollar cycle. But by this morning the dollar has given back all of those gains and then some.

I've noted in the premium report that the dollar's daily cycle often turns on the employment report at the beginning of each month. The previous cycle bottomed one day after the March report and the current daily cycle topped on the April report.

If this pattern continues then we can probably expect the current dollar cycle to stretch for another 2 1/2 weeks into the May report (give or take a day or two either way).

I seriously doubt gold is going to suffer any meaningful correction as long as the dollar is in free fall, so I expect we are going to see the gold cycle stretch also.

If the dollar does continue lower into the May employment report before putting in the cycle low it would then be set up for a more normal duration decline into the final three year cycle low due on or around the June report.

However with the dollar losing it's chance to rally here gold and especially silver are now at risk of entering a runaway rally.

Details in last nights subscriber report.


  1. gary, im a subscriber but do you want me asking questions in this public forum? great site, alot of practical trading advice...powerlifting looking good bro! thanks greg

  2. Gary, all the pundits are screaming that the apocolypse is here and now! You, Porter Standbury, Martin Weiss, etc. I've got a portfolio filled with Blue Chip, gold and silver stocks and
    a couple of bonds that will mature this summer.
    Question? What the hell should I do beside hiidng
    my precious metals in a bank vault? Assuming the U.S. dollar is no longer the world's reserve currency should I sell out and buy Chinese, Russian and Brazilian currency? Instead of yelling that the Apocalypse is upon us...TELL US WHAT TO DO INSTEAD OF SELLING SUBSCRIPTIONS.

  3. Are you kidding? I've told subscribers exactly what to do and exactly what was going to play out.

    We have been riding the final C-wave rally since Sept. Almost every subscriber who has followed my lead is up 100-600%.

    We are now preparing for the final surge. Once I think it's done we will book profits and go to cash in preparation for a monster dollar rally and probable deflationary period as the next leg down in the secular bear market unfolds over the next year or so.

    Is 100-600% not good enough for you? Is telling you months and months ago that we would see a dollar crisis this spring despite everyone being bullish on the dollar at the time not good enough?

    Man you are a hard one to please. Did you ever stop to think that maybe no one will ever match your expectations?

  4. puggy u dont even deserve to be allowed to follow gary with that attitude. he is not at all a fear monger and in my opinion he even shares TOO MUCH on this blog for free for all those too cheap to pay the subscription fee (which at $25 a month is a JOKE, i would pay wayyyyyyy more than that). gary is a god sent, providing the most valuable service on the internet at the best value around WITHOUT doubt. if gary raised his subscription price to $2000 a month i would STILL pay for it without even hesitating - BECAUSE IT IS WORTH IT. i had already been on the precious metals bandwagon for years before i ever heard of gary's service, but in the past year that i have been subscribing i have LEARNED more than i ever imagined possible and gary has been able to keep me and the other subscribers INVOLVED with PRECISE entries, exits, and roadmaps. i would bet my left nut that you will NEVER find a better value or a better trader anywhere on the internet for the rest of your life. gary's MORE THAN REASONABLE subscription price and the DAILY updates he provides in such amazing and accurate detail is second to none and I am not just a home trader i am a professional trader with millions of dollars under my personal management. if you are TOO CHEAP to pay 25 bucks a month to make staggering gains you are in the wrong business people. we are talking 2 or 3 trade commission charges for an accurate road map to a very difficult market. keep up the good work gary i know i am VERY grateful to have you on my side, not only have i learned a ton WHILE making 100% gains every six months, I can SLEEP AT NIGHT knowing all the possible/probable scenarios thanks to your daily updates for your subscribers.



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