Friday, March 4, 2011


From the March 2nd nightly report. 

"Folks I want to start preparing you  for what’s ahead. Once we get into the final daily cycle up in gold I think we are going to see a parabolic move unlike anything we’ve seen yet. And on the flip side as the dollar starts to drop, or maybe crash is a more appropriate term, into it’s final three year cycle low we are going to see an absolute horror show unfold. That combination is going to drive gains unlike anything any of us have likely ever made before.  

The world will be in an utter panic to get rid of dollars. And the stock market is not going to provide protection from this kind of inflationary storm so a lot of those dollars are going to end up in the commodity markets, and especially in the precious metals. When that kind of money hits a thin market like gold, and especially silver, it will drive gigantic gains. 

There is going to be extreme temptation to jump off early simply because one can’t believe they could possibly make that much money that fast. Let me warn you now don’t give in to that temptation. We know what to look for at a three year cycle low and we know what to look for at a C-wave top. Until we see those signs sit tight. Trust me it’s going to be one of the hardest things you’ll do all year.  

Folks, fortunes are going to be made in the next two months."


  1. 'Folks, fortunes are going to be made in the next two months.'

    Define 'fortunes'. Do you mean doubling your money? Or are we talking silver going to 3 figures, maybe?

  2. AGQ 200 - nice round number - hey, it worked for SKF and SRS back in the day. The Demark exhaustion MONTHLY for DXY 72.5 is only 5% away - we already have the QUARTERLY exhaustion - how high can gold/silver go if the dollar is limited down to 5%??? Be very careful here and don't get too greedy!!!

  3. My money is in the 2X Silver ETF AGQ. I'm willing to ride the wild bull to the top.

  4. being a bit of a contrarian, and noticing that pladium is dropping, i wonder if blyth is working on turning the consensus away from the white metal to gold to take the pressure off silver with plans to really crash silver while letting gold rise. i am thinking of selling some silver, but long and strong on gold

  5. everything points to that ...agree.
    BUT....if ECB move on rates in the next month then that could set the cat amongst the pigeons. All bets are off and we may have another option for money flow out of stocks,dollar and PM's.
    On the "being contrarian" seems BlackRock is doing the unthinkable.
    Tara.....silver has been diverging from Au since late last year.
    Toby......I have always adopted a more sensible approach. You can never pick a can set a target to exit...take capital profits at 100%...etc.....easier said than hold on...remember GREED got us in this situation in the first place.
    Too many variables to say for absolute certainty where we end up. Granted everything you forecast is playing out (although we see some extension of cycles) you know the future is uncertain.
    For what its worth I'm a PM fan. Stocks and physical. Holding while the USD remains the world's reserve currency....

  6. I Believe the $Hui will go above

    thats the retrace fib 161,8% 752.62


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